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What you should know about dog foods. Caution!  It is graphic!

Dog Food Feeding Information:

           This is a very comprehensive source of information on feeding dogs including raw diets.  There is tons of information here.  We do not agree with EVERYTHING here and maintain that Wheat and Soy are particularly bad for your dog and that the quality, source and digestibility of protein is far more important than the actual percentage of protein.  We still believe that God created the dog as a carnivore and it’s natural diet would never include  enormous amounts of grain but would include  many birds, rodents and small animals, as well as the carcasses of much larger animals.  The closer you can feed to natural for you and your pet, the healthier you both will be.

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Vaccination Recommendations

Every puppy we sell is accompanied by a written vaccination protocol sheet with a place to record vaccination/de-worming dates.  This protocol is based on the AAHA recommendations and Dr. Dodds vaccination protocol.  Please follow our recommendations to protect the health of your pet and avoid damaging over vaccination events


AAHA Vaccination Protocol


Dr. Dodds Protocol


Dogs Naturally Magazine article on over vaccination

Canine Nutritional Counseling

Feeds should contain meat or meat meal as the first ingredient.

 No soy, No wheat , No corn and No by-products.

We advocate natural diets and encourage supplementation with Whole foods and real meat.

The first key to a healthy pet is nutrition.  Cheap food is not good, Good food is not cheap.

Learning to evaluate commercial foods and avoid pitfalls is essential! Read the label!

We are always here to assist you in training your Bear Creek K9  For training equipment and the best Training Program on the Market visit  Leerburg .  All puppy purchasers are encouraged to view their Puppy 8 weeks to 8 months video and to use their training methods and techniques. Thank you Ed Frawley, Cindy and Michael Ellis and the rest of the Leerburg Training Team!

Whole Dog Journal publishes a list of approved  foods.

Dog Food Advisor can be of assistance in evaluating and comparing different brands.

Protecting your pet:

If you have ever suffered the distress of a missing pet, you will know how important it is to be sure that your pet is identified and returned to you ASAP.  We have a lot of experience with tags and we recommend the tags for adjustable nylon collars, that are stainless steel, deeply engraved, won’t catch on things and stay on the pet.  They are also easily moved from the day to day collar to the “going out” collar without poked fingers and broken nails.  Expect exact and speedy service from:

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